Sonia Marie Desormeaux sensory adventure team

Tuscany Trip with Sonia Marie Desormeaux

13th – 20th June 2015


Welcome to this very special Sensory Adventure. For the first time we are combining the stunning hiking, rich culture, and exquisite food that Sensory Adventures is known for with an exciting additional dimension.

We are delighted to welcome along Sonia Marie Desormeaux ( who will be infusing the week with her own special blend of holistic nutrition and lifestyle counselling. So, not only do you get to hike, learn, eat great food, and meet new friends, you get to feel great too!

Throughout the week Sonia will be running practical cooking workshops where we will be complimenting the traditional Tuscan cuisine with our own freshly prepared healthy appetisers, made from our villa’s own organic garden. These appetisers are healthy, yet delicious and easy to prepare!

Before our trip begins, you’ll be consulted by Sonia and take inventory of the foods that best support you. Your personalized health needs begin here.

On one evening, the group will join Sonia to gain knowledge and understand how to create a healthy life that is flexible and free of restriction. We’ll have a chance to shop at the local produce market and get acquainted with local fare.

Sonia will also be running some holistic group activities amid the gorgeous Tuscan countryside including an exercise of self care and connecting with ourselves spiritually while in the serenity of nature.

Of course, you will also visit Florence, Siena, Pienza, Montalcino, and Montepulciano, visit some of the great wine producers, hike in the most exquisite countryside, and generally absorb yourself into this sublime corner of the planet.


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