On this very special trip we are delighted to welcome Jody Miller, a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and wonderful friend from Rancho La Puerta. Jody will be complimenting our usual blend of food, wine, culture and scenery by making herself available for any of us who may wish to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Guests will have the opportunity to meet with Jody one-to-one or in small group discussions throughout the week to develop new strategies or troubleshoot current fitness and wellness strategies with the ultimate goal of taking the best care of yourself possible!

  • Optimize your exercise routine to get the most out of your workouts
  • Develop a healthy relationship with the foods you crave
  • Strategize eating habits for optimal nutrition and ideal weight
  • Gain a better of understanding of how your medical health issues impact your wellness
  • Identify patterns and circumstances that influence success
  • Create positive emotions, well-being, and lifelong optimal health.

To give you a flavour of Jody’s range of expertise we include a list of topics. These are excerpts from the trademarked Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: Emotional Wellness & Weight Loss® program developed by Jody Miller, RCEP. All rights reserved.

Changing Mindset for Wellness – fundamental principles for creating change

Hunger – distinguishing between hunger cues, mindful eating practices

Stress& Sleep – how are these factors affecting my self- care and well-being

Confrontation vs. Avoidance – developing a “healthy” relationship with all foods

Patterns (Defenses and Red Flags) – identifying coping strategies

Positive Psychology – creating new patterns and habits

Transitions and Lapses – sustaining healthy habits

Don’t forget that Sensory Adventures will also be taking you to the gothic and renaissance wonders that are Florence and Siena where you can explore, take in the culture, and shop.

We will also visit exquisite wineries, traditional Tuscan hilltop towns, and ancient hot baths. If you like the idea of wandering around Piazza della Signoria, visiting Giotto’s Campanile, admiring Brunelleschi’s Dome, visiting the Basilica di Santa Croce, shopping for jewellery on the Ponte Vecchio and then finishing the day off with a glass of Brunello di Montalcino on the terrace of our gorgeous Tuscan villa, then this is the trip for you.

Visit www.changeyourmindchangeyourbody.net to know more…

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